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‘It’s Holiday Time’

Community education is at the heart of what we do at LBDF. In conjunction with having ‘Hold my Hand’ and ‘Slow Down Kids Around’ signage displayed in areas with child pedestrians, LBDF carries out educational campaigns to ensure every single Australian knows how to keep children safe around roads.

The biggest of these is our annual ‘Holiday Time’ campaign.

Every year, Australia’s beautiful beaches and holiday towns receive large, seasonal influxes of tourists.

Such large, seasonal influxes of tourists has a profoundly positive effect on the local economy but also brings with it, its own set of inherent problems. These areas may not have the necessary infrastructure to cope with the surges in vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Additionally, children are often excitable and may be confused by road and sidewalk cues being different to what they are used to. Creating a safer environment for children and families on holiday is a fundamental aim of the Little Blue Dinosaur.

Through the creation and strategic distribution of posters, banners, noticeboard insets and other signage at key tourist hot spots and thoroughfares, ‘Holiday Time’ takes full effect. The campaign serves as an important reminder to the local and tourist community about the importance of children’s safety.

Our campaign proudly operates in the following 25 Local Government Areas across Australia:

We are striving for ‘Holiday Time’ to be carried out in all Local Government Areas. Please contact us to find out how your local community can get involved with ‘Holiday Time.’

The Little Blue Dinosaur is proud to be working collaboratively with the following local government areas:

For all enquiries about how your local community can get involved with our Holiday Time project, please contact our office.