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One Australian child dies every week from road trauma

Keeping child pedestrians safe near roads and moving vehicles is the responsibility of every Australian. At LBDF, we believe that together, we can greatly reduce the number of children currently losing their life to road fatality.

Parents & caregivers - 'Hold my Hand'

Just as it is vital to wear a seatbelt in a car, if a child is under the age of ten, best practice is for their hand to be held by the parent or carer when near a road.

It is important to have frequent conversations with children about pedestrian road safety. This includes explaining the different types of roadway environments such as roads that lack curbs and gutters, linemarkings and footpaths. With their developing cognitive skills, these differences may confuse children.

Extra caution is needed when on holiday or in new environments, particularly around areas of high pedestrian and vehicular activity. Road crashes take only a microsecond to happen.

Drivers - ‘Slow Down, Kids Around’

Vehicle speed is one of the greatest contributors to child pedestrian fatalities. Drivers play an essential role in keeping children safe.

Remain on high alert for child pedestrians, being mindful that children can move unpredictably and their small size makes them harder to see.

Slow down around busy areas, paying extra attention when parking and crossing driveways.



Hosting a child pedestrian safety event in your workplace featuring a talk from our chief executive, Michelle McLaughlin.

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