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Striving towards zero child deaths from road trauma

“On average, one Australian child dies per week in a road fatality. It is the leading cause of death for our country’s children aged 1-14. Yet, it is almost entirely preventable”

– Michelle McLaughlin

Thomas (Tom) Maxwell Davis McLaughlin was just four years old when he tragically died in a pedestrian-motor vehicle crash while on a family holiday in 2014.

Established in memory of Tom, the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation (LBDF) is a not-for-profit organisation with a vision of zero child pedestrian fatalities.

At LBDF, we are working towards our vision by informing and championing education for how parents, caregivers and drivers can keep children safe around roads.

To deliver on its mission, LBDF works closely with stakeholders across government, research and educational bodies.

Since our establishment in 2014, LBDF has partnered with 68 Local Government Areas to install road safety signage.

Tom's story

Tom was a vibrant and loving young boy with a zest for life and an unforgettable smile. 

His tragic death in a pedestrian road accident on the Central Coast of New South Wales in 2014 inspired the establishment of LBDF. Through our child road safety initiatives and education, the promising legacy we saw in his young life can be realised.

LBDF is a voice for children. It is Tom’s voice. A clear, determined and passionate voice that speaks for children and their safety.

The work of LBDF is Tom’s legacy and a single life saved is an objective we are all very proud to strive for in his honour.

“Where there is deep love, much can be accomplished”