Little Blue Dinosaur

Thomas McLaughlin- Tom- tragically passed away as a result of a pedestrian motor vehicle accident while on a family holiday at MacMasters Beach on the Central Coast.

He had an electric little spirit, breathtaking smile and a real zest for life.

People were always drawn to him because of his outward enthusiasm, confidence, gentleness, kindness and joyful nature.

Nothing is more tragic than the loss of any life, but the loss of a child’s life is felt by many to be the most tragic, for obvious reasons.

Where there is deep love, much can be accomplished

Dr Shinichi Suzuki

Welcome To Little Blue Dinosaur

The Tom McLaughlin Road Safety Memorial Foundation was founded in 2014 as a memorial to Thomas Maxwell Davis McLaughlin. Tom was tragically taken from us in a road accident on the Central Coast at the young age of 4, but we know the legacy of our little boy will shine through and be realised in the continual work of the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation in child pedestrian road safety initiatives.