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Road Trauma Grief Support Packages

Every year, approximately 52+ Australian families lose a child to road trauma.

The death of a child is considered the worst stressor a person can go through. Studies have found that bereaved parents, particularly mothers, are at an increased risk of depression, anxiety, PTSD, C-PTSD (Complex PTSD), suicide, panic disorders, substance abuse, immune and cardiovascular disease as well as cancers.

While LBDF works to reduce the number of children dying in vehicle-pedestrian accidents, we provide Road Trauma Grief Support Packages for families who suffer this unimaginable tragedy. Our hope is that one day, this service is no longer required.

The 12-month long care packages will contain vouchers for childcare, cleaning, domestic, and cooking services – filling a gap felt first-hand by Michelle following the death of her son.

The Road Trauma Grief Service Packages will make walking that first year a tiny bit easier for affected families, better supporting this extremely vulnerable group.

LBDF is calling on all Australians to help raise $150,000 to roll out the 12-month long care packages.

One Child per week is killed in road trauma (BITRE DATA 2013-2023) and it is the primary cause of death of Australian children aged between 1-14 years of age (Australian Institute of Health & Welfare 2023).

LBDF is seeking Corporate Sponsors, Philanthropists and donators willing to assist in funding our Road Trauma Grief Support Packages for parents who lose a child to road trauma. Research document that the loss of a child is the most distressing event that a parent can experience. Resultingly, they may face the burden of mental health and health issues that can impact on day to day functionality, particularly during the first difficult 12 months following their child’s death.

RTGSP’s consist of :

Any corporates who wish to provide sponsorship or financial support are encouraged to contact Michelle McLaughlin at