Little Blue Dinosaur


Thomas Maxwell Davis McLaughlin

Tom was a vibrant and loving young boy with a zest for life and an unforgettable smile, and he continues to be a powerful motivator of the foundation every day, with the drawing of blue dinosaurs that he loved to do so much becoming the logo for his foundation. The tragic loss of Tom in a pedestrian road accident on the Central Coast in 2014 motivated us to establish the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation (LBD), ensuring the promising legacy we saw in Tom’s young life is realised through child road safety initiatives and education.

The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation is a voice for children. It is Tom’s voice. A clear, determined and passionate voice that speaks to children, for children and their safety. Tom’s message “Slow down; kids around” is an essential one that must be heard in every street, city and town. The work of the Foundation is Tom's legacy and a single life saved through education and awareness raised in his name is an objective we are all very proud to strive for.

“Where there is deep love, much can be accomplished”

-Dr Shinichi Suzuki