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Road safety: How to keep your children safe these holidays


Dec 2015


This year, with the Christmas/New Year period approaching once again, it is more important than ever that we pay greater attention to road safety.

Holiday road safety: how to protect your family

Children on holidays get very excited and are often in unfamiliar environments.

A critical part of the LBD foundation’s work is to raise awareness about ‘differing roadway environments’ that lack recognisable infrastructure and can be confusing to a child, such as a lack of kerbs and gutters, driveways that blend seamlessly with the road, narrow or unsealed roadways or areas with no footpaths and no line markings.

So when you are on holidays this year please remember to be ever-vigilant and:

  • Discourage street play, even on quiet roadways
  • Closely and actively supervise your children when they are on bikes/scooters, and stay within close arm’s reach
  • Stay focused and don’t get distracted

Remember, a child-pedestrian accident can happen in a microsecond.

Little Blue Dinosaur's Hold my Hand campaign reminding parents and carers of road safety

As parents and carers, always remember to HOLD MY HAND till age 10 years as currently advised by Australian road safety experts.

As drivers, please remember to SLOW DOWN as school zones are no longer in operation and more children are present in our communities. Motorists should drive with caution in “holiday times,” which make up 3-4 months of the year.

Children are unpredictable in their behaviour & have limited cognitive abilities.

A few things you should know about children – they:

  • Are unable to identify a safe place to cross a road
  • Think they can “do it by themselves”
  • Are unable to judge speed and distance accurately
  • Cannot predict the origins of sound accurately
  • Are unable to cope with sudden changes in traffic environments
  • Cannot fully comprehend abstract ideas such as road safety
  • Focus on only one aspect of what is happening
  • Are distracted and easily excited which causes them to act with inconsistency in traffic environments

Local support is creating national change

The LBD Foundation has the enthusiastic & genuine support of local members for Willoughby, the Hon. Gladys Berejiklian MP & Federal Member for Bradfield, The Hon. Paul Fletcher MP.

“LBD is such a great organisation that reminds us to always be vigilant with respect to pedestrian safety, especially during this time of year,” Ms Berejiklian said.

“It is reassuring that so many organisations and individuals have come on board to lend their support.”

The Federal Member for Bradfield explains, “As the wonderful work of Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation reminds us, we must take special care to keep children safe on the roads. These holidays, please remember: hold the hand of children under ten when you are walking with cars around; and if you are driving near pedestrians please slow down!“

LBD was recently awarded as a 2015 finalist in the 3M-Australasian Road Safety College Diamond Road Safety Awards in recognition of our “innovative contribution to improving road safety” via our ‘Holiday Time’ and ‘Hold my Hand’ signage campaigns.