Little Blue Dinosaur


A critical analysis of the circumstances around this heartbreaking event that tragically cost Tom his life has encouraged us to develop and implement initiatives that ensure children recognise the differing roadway environments they interact with. We also aim to educate parents/carers of the potential dangers in their children’s “out of normal environment” interactions, which most often occur in Holiday Times, where the risk profile is raised significantly due to increased traffic & pedestrian activity.


To advocate child road safety through community education, government campaigning and by implementing effective local and national road safety initiatives.

To champion the review of road safety within Holiday Towns (rural/beach hamlets), where infrastructure caters for residential populations, not seasonal population spikes.

To produce and distribute age specific literature to educate young children about road safety, specifically around the different roadway environments they come across at different periods of the year.

To research and improve our understanding of the cognitive limitations and learning habits of young children in order to develop appropriate literature for effective road safety learning.

To facilitate support services for families and loved ones who have lost a child in sudden and tragic circumstances.