Little Blue Dinosaur

New Membership: Global Alliance of NGOs for Road Safety


Jun 2016


Global Alliance

    We are now members of the Global Alliance of NGOs for road safety

Global Alliance

We are pleased to announce that we have recently joined the UN’s Global Alliance of NGO’s for Road Safety.

The Alliance provides a worldwide forum where member organisations can share knowledge and collectively advocate for road safety initiatives and the rights of victims. Members are invited every two years to attend a global meeting which includes workshops on key areas such as research, education, infrastructure and fund-raising.

The Global Alliance was formed in 2012 out of the UN’s Road Safety Collaboration and includes over 140 organisations from more than 70 countries with the purpose of lobbying for and implementing road safety initiatives globally [1]. The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation is only the third Australian organisation to be invited into the Alliance.

“We have worked hard for the last couple of years to ensure that child pedestrian safety is front and centre of the key decisions we and governments make to lower the road toll”

Our CEO, Michelle McLaughlin, said the invitation to join the Global Alliance was a significant milestone for the charity.

“We are pleased governments at all levels, Federal, State and Local, are increasingly focused on doing all we can to lower the horrendous amount of trauma on our roads”, Mrs McLaughlin added.