Little Blue Dinosaur


Little Blue Dinosaur Road Safety Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are an important element in spreading the road safety messages of the Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation. Our organisation is extremely proud of the dedicated work we see from our youngest supporters in understanding our mission and the important role it plays in keeping children safe through education and awareness.

Max, 10

"The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation has made a huge impact on not only my life, but the lives of all my peers at my school. It was my mission for 2015 to inform as many people as possible about the important message Michelle and David McLaughlin are spreading across our country. The loss of Tom made a huge impact on my life and opened my eyes to the fact of how easily this can happen to anyone. I did not want this to happen to my little brother who is close to the same age as Tom. The statistics that Michelle shared with me, indicated that it is boys from the ages of 0-16 that are the greatest victims to fatal pedestrian incidences. I attend an all boys school, so this year I have given a few presentations at assembly about road safety, made an iMovie promoting how to be safe on the roads, organised a colouring in competition encouraging the boys to display a road safety message and presently the boys at my school are helping me to make 1000 Little Blue Origami Dinosaurs in Tom’s memory. I really want the boys to remember these valuable road safety messages, so they are writing a road safety message on each origami dinosaur. The Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation has made me, my family and my peers much safer pedestrians. We will always remember Tom for how he has changed so many lives for the better. Thank you Tom and thank you Little Blue Dinosaur Foundation."